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Supported by Kering and The Laudes Foundation, with insights from Fashion For Good and Biofabricate, this report explores Next Generation materials, their challenges, and adoption strategies, based on surveys and interviews with over 150 stakeholders and 60 experts. 

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The report provides an overview of climate change risks across the value chain and demonstrates the importance of addressing raw materials in any robust and ambitious climate strategy.

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Discover how RAIN RFID is revolutionizing sustainability efforts in this report, which is an initiative of the RAIN Alliance Sustainability Work Group

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The From Ideas to Practice, Pilots to Strategy series is both an attempt – and an opportunity – to disseminate the best practices and lessons learned from the first movers, early adopters and bold innovators in the field of impact investing, with the goal of further advancing the sector.

This report by BSR’s Responsible Luxury Initiative™ (ReLI), supported by Kering, Swarovski, and The Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels, explores how luxury companies can address climate change, technology, and inequality to build resilient, sustainable businesses that drive growth, innovation, and brand equity.

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This list first appeared in the Textile Exchange Unwoven publication in 2023. It curates some top tips for people working in brands who are committed to pushing forward Next Gen material adoption.

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This is Christine’s  list of “rules to live by” for innovators, created over many years of working in both brands and startups.



Old Globe

An exploration of how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is influencing the future of the luxury industry, reflecting its growing importance for tomorrow's leaders and consumers


An examination of how social entrepreneurship has grown within top business schools, reflecting a significant shift in MBA programs to integrate social impact with business education.


An overview of Social Impact Investing, a growing field at the intersection of finance and philanthropy, aimed at achieving both financial returns and significant social or environmental impacts.


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As the fashion industry stands at a crossroads, "Next Gen to This Gen: Scaling Material Innovations in the Fashion Sector" serves as a crucial guide for stakeholders committed to driving innovation uptake.


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